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    April 26, 2021

    Bahamas will allow the arrival of vaccinated tourists from May 1st

    Bahamas for
    vaccinated tourists from May 1st

    Updated on the
    April 26, 2021

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    With the idea of ​​seeking stimuli to reactivate tourism in the Bahamas islands from next May 1st, tourists vaccinated with the 2 doses will be able to travel to the Bahamas without having to present a negative COVID 19 test result.

    The Bahamas islands will allow all those people who have received the full doses of immunization, at least two weeks before traveling, to the country to enter the country. Negative PCR with up to 5 days of validity is required for the rest of the travelers.

    Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced at a press conference that: "All that will be medically required to enter the country will be the proof of vaccination and that two weeks have passed since the final dose." This measure wants to activate tourism as soon as possible, on which the Caribbean archipelago largely depends.

    The prime minister indicated that anyone who has not been fully vaccinated must provide a negative PCR test taken within five days prior to arrival in the Bahamas. "This measure will greatly enhance our economy and will also help reduce the number of infections. When tourists are fully vaccinated, since they will have received all the doses, they will be able to participate in events in a closed environment where the mask would not be necessary".

    This measure has been announced when several cruise lines (Royal Caribbean, Crystal Cruises and Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines) are going to start sailing in the Bahamas from June and July, this coming summer.

    Warning in the United States. On the other hand, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raised the warning level for the Bahamas this week to the highest level of health risk, the 4.

    Fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk of contracting and spreading covid-19 variants, due to the current situation in the Bahamas, so all trips to the archipelago should be avoided," says the updated advice from the CDC. The United States recommends not traveling to 80% of the world's countries.

    The Bahamas has reported 10,000 infections and 194 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, with a population of around 400,000 people. There are currently just over 500 active cases in the nation. Not everyone has been in favor of this decision, although many sectors of the Bahamas, dependent on tourism, want to reactivate their economy as soon as possible.

    As of today, April 26th, 2021, less than 4% of the total population of the Bahamas has received the first dose of the vaccine.

    Bahamas will allow the arrival of vaccinated tourists

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