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  • Balearia Caribbean ferry
    Schedule Change - Hurricane Fiona

    September 27, 2022

    Balearia Caribbean ferry schedule change, hurricane Fiona nears Bahamas

    Balearia Caribbean ferry
    Schedule change - Hurricane Fiona

    Updated on the
    27th of September, 2022

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    Due to weather conditions Balearia Caribbean ferry company has changed its sailing hours from Freeport (Grand Bahamas, Bahamas) to Fort Lauderdale (Florida), today, Tuesday September, 27th 2022. The new departure schedule is earlier than normal one.

    Balearia Caribbean's vessel will depart from Freeport (Grand Bahama) at 2:00 PM arriving to Fort Lauderdale (Florida) at 5:00PM.

    Daytrips from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport (Grand Bahama) have been canceled. If you have a confirmed booking with us please contact us to re schedule your booking or cancel to obtain a refund.

    Schedules are subject to modifications by Balearia Caribbean due to operational issues or the state of the sea.

    Hurricane Fiona becomes the strongest atlantic storm in 2022 and now is near Bahamas islands. Fiona winds remain at 130 miles per hour (more than 200 kilometres per hour) according to a US National Hurricane Center.

    In the event that Balearia Caribbean makes new changes to the schedules of its ferries we will notify you on our website as soon as possible.

    Balearia Caribbean ferry schedule change - Hurricane Fiona

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