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    Spring Break 2022

    February 23, 2022

    Bahamas Spring Break 2022

    Bahamas Spring Break 2022

    Updated on the
    23rd of February, 2022

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    The Bahamas islands (both Bimini and Grand Bahama) are possibly one of the best places to celebrate Spring Break 2022, for many reasons. The first reason is due to climate and good weather. Spring Break is usually during the months of March and April. In these months, in the Bahamas, temperatures are usually around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This good temperature makes possible many outdoor activities and the practice of water sports. It also makes it possible for you to be outdoors at night and enjoy the islands or music concerts.

    Another reason why the Bahamas is the perfect place for Spring Break is the islands themselves. We are talking about paradise. Fine white sand beaches. Crystal clear water, very clean. A natural environment full of life, ideal for snorkelling, diving and spotting marine animals, such as sharks or dolphins. In the Bahamas you can go on excursions on the sea, rent jet skis, a boat to discover desert islands or paddle surf, among many other activities. If you like sport fishing you have found paradise. In the Bahamas there is a great diversity of big fish and many companies that will help you make your biggest catch.

    The All Inclusive resorts in the Bahamas are hotels that have everything you need to spend a good Spring Break vacation. Places to relax or have fun, a beach club by the sea, casinos, delicious food and drinks included in the price of your resort, a very friendly staff and all kinds of activities to do.

    The best way to get to the Bahamas from Florida is by ferry from Fort Lauderdale. The ferry takes only 2 hours whether you are traveling to Bimini or Grand Bahama (Freeport). It is comfortable, safe and cheap. If you travel to Bimini, the ferry leaves you in North Bimini, very close to the Hilton Resort, one of the best resorts in the Bahamas. If you travel to Grand Bahama we recommend that you take a taxi to, for example, Viva All Inclusive resort. You can buy ferry tickets by clicking on this link:ferry to bahamas

    Bahamas Spring Break 2022 ferry prices
    cheapest price from $93 one way + taxes
    Economy Premium seat from $118 one way + taxes
    average price $186 return + taxes
    Bimini ferry one day from $93 + taxes $60
    Grand Bahama ferry one day from $135 + taxes $60

    If you want to make your reservation at the Hilton at Resorts Bimini Resort you can do so at this link: Hilton at Resorts Bimini Hotel Bahamas

    If you want to make your reservation at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Resort you can do so at this link: Viva Wyndham Fortuna Resort Bahamas

    Don't think twice and enjoy the upcoming Spring Break 2022 in the Bahamas, the perfect place to make this getaway that you've been waiting for so long.

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    Bahamas Spring Break 2022

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