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  • Balearia Caribbean ferry
    new 2022 schedule

    May 19th, 2022

    Balearia Caribbean ferry 2022 schedule: new calendar

    Balearia Caribbean ferry
    new 2022 schedule

    Updated on the
    19th of May, 2022

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    Following the latest changes for the month of March 2022, Easter week, Balearia Caribbean ferry company has updated its ferry departure schedule from Fort Lauderdale (Florida, United States) to Bimini and Grand Bahama (in the Bahama Islands). Here we present you an image of the new Balearia Caribbean schedule.

    What is the most important thing to highlight about this new version of the 2022 calendar of Balearia Caribbean ferry services?.

    Balearia Caribbean, the shipping company based in Fort Lauderdale (Florida) set in March 2022 some changes in the ferry services that connect the United States with Bimini and Grand Bahama. Specifically, the March 2, 2022 departure from Fort Lauderdale that took place at 02:00 pm with arrival in Bimini at 04:00 pm instead of doing it at its usual time in the morning.

    It is also important to highlight from this schedule that the High Season dates for 2022 have already been determined. If you are thinking of enjoying a vacation this summer 2022 in the Bahamas, now it is easier to know when the ferry tickets are cheaper. This information, which already includes the months of December 2022 and some days of 2023, also allows you to anticipate your purchase and better prepare for the Christmas holidays, after Thanksgiving.

    Balearia Caribbean ferry
    2022 schedule

    Balearia Caribbean ferry 2022: High Seasons Date Calendar
    March 1st to March 27th 2022
    May 20th to August 21st 2022
    September 2nd to October 4th
    December 16th 2022 to January 04th 2023

    Schedules subject to modifications by the Balearia Caribbean ferry company due to operational issues or the state of the sea without prior notice.

    If you want to know the schedules, departure dates and real-time price of the Balearia Caribbean ferry to go to Bimini, click on the following link: ferry to Bimini schedule or if you prefer to visit Grand Bahama click in the following link ferry to Bahamas schedule to know all the schedules, time and prices.

    If Balearia Caribbean modifies its schedule of routes to Bimini and Grand Bahama or its schedules we will inform you as soon as possible or we know it.

    Balearia Caribbean ferry 2022 schedule

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