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  • Ferry to Bahamas Thank You message

    23rd of November, 2023 Thank you message to our Team, Balearia Caribbean and Customers. Thank You all! Thank You message

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    23rd of November, 2023

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    Hey everyone,

    Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and it’s always a good time to reflect and express gratitude.

    From Ferry to Bahamas we want to thank you all.

    THANK YOU to our whole TEAM that works hard to keep all the information updated about the schedules and prices to travel by ferry to Bimini and Freeport (Grand Bahama) from Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

    Without your work, these amazing results would be impossible.

    THANK YOU to our trusted provider, BALEARIA CARIBBEAN ferry, for the support that all their departments (Customer Service, Commercial, Billing, Crew on board the fast ferry Jaume II, Ground staff and Management) give us. You make our work easier and the relationships with our mutual customers smoother.

    THANK YOU to all of you for the community that we are creating.

    And, of course, THANK YOU to our more than 5,000 CUSTOMERS in these barely 2 years of journey.

    Your desire to discover the wonders of the Bahamas islands has inspired us to create and develop this project.

    THANKS to your support we have been able to offer you all the updated information about the schedules, prices and Bahamas (Freeport and Bimini) vacations deals of the Balearia Caribbean, the information of the hotels in Bahamas where you can stay (both in Bimini and Grand Bahama), what you can see and do in the Bahamas or how to book the best ferry and hotel packages in Bimini or Freeport.

    Our mission is that you can continue to discover the natural and spiritual beauty that the Bahamas islands radiate and we remind you that during these days the Balearia Caribbean Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the discounts on Bahamas ferry and hotel of Balearia Caribbean are still available.

    We hope to continue helping customers like you to dream of the Bahamas as we do every day and, why not, to see each other someday on one of their magnificent islands.

    Until then, THANK YOU

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    Ferry to Bahamas Thank You message

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